Kamis, 13 April 2017

ask an expert


        Hello guys, this time I will tell the results of the interview I did yesterday. This interview about people who have special skills. oke guys the person interview is my friend who has the skills to play the guitar. Is he a glimpse of the speaker us this time :
Name : Eko Suganda
ttl       : Pulau Kumbang, 17 April 1994
Education Story : SDN 15 Pulau Kumbang
                             SMP PGRI 01 Pulau Kumbang
                             SMAN 02 Simpang Hilir
                             UNTAN Fakultas Hukum
Here are some of our conversation :
Me   : When you like music instrument guitar ?
Eko  : I'm interested in playing the guitar since I was elementary school.
Me   : Why you choose instrument guitar ?
Eko  : Because the guitar for me is very inspiring.
Me   : Do you think playing the guitar was difficult ?
Eko  : Learning guitar is not difficult but also not easy because when we want to be able to play the    guitar we must be active and regular exercise. No that can't be done while we want to try.
         So, the conclusion we can take from this interview is when we fight for things we want then it will be achiever. Playing guitar is not that difficult but not everyone can play the guitar. playing the guitar requires practice and patience in order to make the simple tone of the guitar becomes audible with the beautiful.

Jumat, 24 Maret 2017

I can't imagined life without of education

                                      I can't imagined life without of education
            Hello guys come back to my blog, blog Firnanda Ariska, this week I will about how imagine our life without the presence of the school or education ?
Oke guys ? you can imagine how if we life without education, education is not a basic needs or the needs of day to day we but according to me education should we equate with the needs of the important, because basiclly that education was very important.
You can imagine how difficult environments around us if there is not education, everybody behave casually, it would be a lot of people who couldn’t read wrote or count, the poverty rate and increased follies, the high a crime, bad moral society.
            It was a little things I imagined when our lives without the education is important, education is also a source of life, because I think of education will make us life better.
So from now use the time to learn and grabbed education as much as possible that our life isn’t bad 
therefor we as a teenager and the young excited in learning. the government was very trying so that we can go to school. Although we don't have enough money to school. So we should not be desprate but excited garbbed condolonces.

selasa,21 maret

     hello guys, yesterday english language course time to go the american corner turns longer used so we use the space LCBC. While in the LCBC miss Dini early directing us to choose a book to a read and looking moral value from the stories we have read.
the book I choose is titled " Gullivers Travels in Lilliput "
moral value :
1. don't think bad againts the people who had known.
   " as experienced by doctor Gullivers that in suppose the evil by the people of Liliput "
2. do good on anyone even though that person is not good to us

Senin, 13 Maret 2017



Hello guys, fixed in the blog Firnanda Ariska. Writing I this time will tell about the I have skill, arguably not a skill but more to a hobby or interest I’m writing. If you think I’m hard to tell the skill I because have not yet found something that connected the very my personality. But because I like to reading novel, make I like to write. Although there has been no achievement from the writing that I create. But I’m always writing, though not ever in the publish.

Originated from the interest in reading the novel and make me interest to write short story, poetry, traditional poetry, and words of wisdom. Usually I write in any spare time, because in the spare time will make me focus in writing. The posts that I create usually takes the theme of the experience or story from people around me, because I think the experience of that which is written is the best lesson, that can be taken because the experience will never lie to any incident which happens in life. 

That’s why I’m very fond of writing and I think writing is a my skill. It’s just my writing has yet dared to me to publish.