Senin, 29 Mei 2017



            Audience which I respect.
            In this occasion let us be grateful to Allah SWT for all the grace I can have a chance to reading my speech today of the education.
               As a national figure Ki Hadjar Dewantara, he is an educational figure. which brings influence to the education of the nation Indonesia. Education is a strategy to improve quality of the nation because the progress of a nation can be seen from education.

The education development index for all or education for all in Indonesia declines. If last year Indonesia was ranked 65th, this year slumped in rank 69th. Based on inside data Education For All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report 2011: The Hidden Crisis, Armed Conflict and Education

                Ladies and gentlemen Seeking knowledge is an obligation for all of us better seek knowwledge through official  intitutions or looking in the environment around us. science is the best friend for us to live our lives in the world. If we don't have the science then our lives purpose. But with education we will have a purpose in live. the audience can imagine if we life without the science will a be a lot of crime, the illiteracy rate will be increased. There fore we should all be aware that education is wery important for our next generation.
            How important we are to study so we will have the knowledge and open a wide window the world. Education will open the eyes of the world for life better. With the equally distributed we would bring many change. Let’s build education around the world to be better and regenerate the generation smart.
            That’s all I can say may we all be blessed with beneficial knowledge. Please sorry if there is mistake from me.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

expo pendidikan UNTAN

I will tell about the education expo university of tanjungpura yesterday I visit in the auditorium untan.
1. Stand AMCOR
here are some toys such as monopoly and many more.
on this stand I see some books from korea, japan, and other countries.
3. Stand MENWA
on this stand I see some some of the clothes typical regiment and some of the trophies and photos that hung neatly.
4. Stand Faculty KEHUTANAN
well if in this stand so many leaves are already dry on display and some animals are preserved.
5. Stand Pecinta Alam
in this stand there is an example of a tent and some tools used in mountain climbing.
if in this stand provide photos of the boot that is subject no the price of Rp.5000 for 5 photos
7. Stand FKIP sejarah
in this stand kreatif, replica candi borubudur made beautiful.

My future business

Hello guys. This week I now want to write about the future according to me later when I have graduated from college but yet can be a teacher given number of people who want the profession. I think I have to think of a way out of the prblems that occurs to must students who just gradated in college. Since the department that I take is economic education so maybe business is one of the main options, I later when to pass. According to me when we do a good business should come from what we like. Because when we work about one of the things that we like that will add to our spirit in working or running a business.
According to me, I like all the food and I’m including people who like to eat outside via all kinds of snacks there, definetly a lot of people who have the same hobby like I was, given yhe food it is important for all people.
So the business that I chose is a busines engaged in the field of food, although already a lot of food business I will definetly make the distinctive characteristic of the food that I create.
I want to create a place the food where the sell all menu food snack time I still elementary school starting from: cilok, siomay, empek-empek, pentol goreng, es teler, es kue, es lili, gulali, rambut nyonya. And many other snacks and equipped cafe that has a little bit of book reading, ranging from textbooks, novels, comics, or books that make people happy to sit relax in the food I or can be called a cafe. They do not just sit to spend on food that they oedered but also while enjoying the leisure time by reading a new thing to add to the insights.
It was my dream when I graduate hopefully materialize, where can I make a place to eat that also can make people gain new insight.